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Space Bar cover art

Space Bar

The new Great Magnet album is available in our shop and these fine places:

You’ve read the rumours (no, J.J. Abrams did not produce it). You’ve saved every penny earned in the hopes of purchasing every last digital copy on iTunes. You’ve even turned down several late-night sexual advances from that pesky Ernest Borgnine in order to live the monastic lifestyle that will emotionally prepare you for the impact of this blessed event. NOW IT IS HERE.

Yes, ladies and germs, the Space Bar has landed. It’s available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, or right here in our BandCamp store. You can stream it in it’s entirety on Spotify (damn straight), LastFM, Facebook, BandCamp, SoundCloud…and even on Rdio once they get their shit together. And of course if you haven’t already figured out you can listen to it from the player right above this paragraph, or the big fat sumbitch player next to this post, well then I just can’t help you Methuselah.

Rack Miner

We could sit here and tell you how many indescribeably tedious hours of sonic navel-gazing went into what aliens from the planet Grbdog X-22 Prime will no doubt consider the ultimate turning point of Earth civilization when they explore it’s smoking ruin 4,000 years from now. We could tell you that nothing has ever been recorded so well, or at such great a cost to our own sanity (or that of our sig-oths). We could tell you how no record could possibly satisfy you more.

But all that will be obvious once you simply LISTEN. So that is all that we ask.

Oh, except one more thing: BUY IT. Vodka doesn’t grow on trees you know.