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Space Bar - on Rdio at Long Last!

By Adam Sullivan, April 16, 2013
Space Bar - Rdio Screen Shot

We’ll admit it: we’re Rdio devotees (and no, we’re not getting paid for this plug). This elegant fusion of a social app with a vast cloud library of music just blows us away. So easy to navigate. So easy to see what your friends are listening to…then AND now. So easy to find new things, and hold onto them if you like ‘em.

You’re thinking to yourself right now “oh, like Spotify?” No. Just…no.

Yep, we’re stoked to be on Rdio finally where we can listen and share. Go check it out. You can use Rdio - fully-featured and ad-free - for three whole damn months. At which point you will be okay with shelling out a pathetic $5/month for the ability to look at your friends’ silly-ass iTunes library and laugh softly while saying “oh, how QUAINT.”