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Space Bar

The new Great Magnet album is available in our shop and these fine places:

Celebrate Space Bar with $5 Downloads!

By Adam Sullivan, March 6, 2013

In celebration of the release of our epic masterpiece Space Bar, Great Magnet is offering the entire LP for five bucks as a digital download via our BandCamp store. That’s a half-price sale (versus iTunes prices)! We should really get a wacky wavey inflatable arm flailing tube man!

We simply decided that with iTunes being ten bucks an album and Amazon being nine, it’s only right that we reward y’alls for cuting out the middle-man and buying this thing straight from the source.

Yep, for less that the price of your daily triple-vented-nonfat-vegan-soy-chai-latte-frappamochacino, you’ll own something ten times more stimulating that you won’t be getting rid of 20 minutes later. WHAT EXCUSES DO YOU HAVE NOW?!?!?