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What the Hell is a Bull Grog Anyhow?

By Adam Sullivan, March 8, 2013

Nathan calls the shots when it comes to cover tunes in Great Magnet. He is also the chanteur d’excellence (that means good singerer in French) of said tunes. One of his epic victories in 2011 was to bring the Beatles’ less-than-well-known Hey Bulldog into our bailywick, and ultimately it made its way right onto Space Bar.

Those of you who know this tune probably know it from it’s most prominent appearance on Yellow Submarine. If you’re a Beatles nut, and who isn’t (Morons? Mormons?) you’ll definitely love this shit out of this clip…


So we really couldn’t resist bringing some of that around-the-microphone cameraderie to our own rendition. So I whupped out my trusty ribbon mic and, well, the rest happened naturally. Giggles included…

Apropos the title of this post, Nate was also in charge of gathering lyrics for all the cover tunes, and although technically he might not take home the gold for interpreting “bull frog” as “bull grog” (let’s chalk that up to the effect of tubes and tape on sibilance, okay?), we discovered the error early on and kept it anyway…due to its inherently high levels of ridiculousness.

Anyhow, here’s a bit of the final performance laid bare, plus some junk that we edited out or stuck onto the very end…

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