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Really High Harmony

By Adam Sullivan, March 10, 2013

We here at the Great Magnet organization love to indulge in big ol’ stacked harmony vocals. Yep, we are basically a Boy Band. Think N-Sync, only handsomer. Far, far handsomer.


We, know, we know: you are already thinking to yourself “I WANT TO HEAR THEM SO BADLY.”

Duly noted: and so in further celebration of our specatular new release, Space Bar, We thought it’d be fun to show off some of these lush harmonies that usually…by necessity…have to compete with all the other instruments in a mix. It’s nice to be able to let them “breathe” and be able to pick out each voice and melody within the arrangement. People love that shit, right? I love that shit.

So I picked out a trio that I thought were superkewl. bask in the glow.

First up is the a bit of Charlene, which shows modest harmonies on the verse “blooming” into something a litle bigger in the chorus…

Note how on the verse it’s just one voice each for Nate, Jason and myself. Then on the chorus my main line is doubled, Nate’s is doubled, and Jason adds a rambling high harmony with a litle dirt on it.

Next up is the (confounded) bridge arrangement in Sentries. This one shows a classic “call-and-response” pattern with Nate and Jason’s harmonies repeating my vocal phrase one measure later…

…check out the way that “response” becomes somewhat of a string section-ish backdrop to my really waily vocals towards the end of the bridge. Then things calm down and the harmony vocals begin to echo the intro/outro guitar line.

Finally there’s the final Chorus of Sweet Young Thing

…with some trippy flanged and doubled Nathan lead vocals getting backed up by LOTS of voices a-la Baptist church choir.

Okay, that is all. Go listen to the whole album, k?